About Me.

Ever since I embarked on my programming journey as a young child, I've been entranced by the power and flexibility of code.

Today, I'm an avid programmer currently interested in machine learning and systems. Programming is my superpower: With it, what I can create is limited only by my imagination!

Outside of programming, I play a lot of board games, especially social deduction games (my personal favorite is Secret Hitler). I also enjoy discussing politics and government!

I strive to bring energy, technical knowledge, and a strong desire to learn with me wherever I go.



I'm currently a student at MIT studying Computer Science.

Technical Grad Classes:

  • 6.521 Advanced Algorithms
  • 6.390 Computer Vision
  • 6.790 Machine Learning

Technical Undergrad Classes:

  • 18.600 Probability and Random Variables
  • 18.650 Fundamentals of Statistics
  • 6.106 Software Performance Engineering
  • 6.181 Operating Systems Engineering
  • 6.1811 Natural Language Processing
  • 6.190 Introduction to Low-level Programming in C and Assembly
  • 6.191 Computation Structures

In Spring 2023, I was an LA for 6.S063 Design for the Web. Outside of classes, I am part of the HackMIT team. I also enjoy participating in Harvard Systems Reading Group, Bridge Club, Poker Club, and Board Games club.

Before coming to MIT, I was a student at Monta Vista High School, where I participated in a variety of clubs, including Model UN, FBLA, AI Club, and Competitive Programming Club.


Work Experience.

Software Engineering:

In Summer 2023, I had an extremely fun internship at Codeium, a company that builds AI-powered developer tools such as autocomplete. While there, I led the initiative to quantize our large language model, achieving a ~2.3x speed increase for our company’s product in just 11 weeks.

To view my full software engineering work experience, please visit my Linkedin page.

USACO Coaching:

I've taught USACO Gold Advanced at Alphastar Academy in summer 2020 and 2021, offered private USACO tutoring lessons for ~2 years, and coached at USACO Camp 2023. Though I am not currently taking new students, please feel free to sign up for my classes newsletter for future class openings.



4x USACO Finalist

In 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022, I was selected as part of 26 students to participate in the national USA Computing Olympiad training camp.

Competitive Programming · Olympiads

5x AIME Qualifier

In 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021, I qualified to take the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME), which is offered to the top 2.5% of students.

Math · Olympiads

2023 Neo Scholar Finalist

In 2023, I was selected as a Neo Scholar Finalist. Neo scholar finalists are selected for their strong technical skills and interest in startups and entrepreneurship.


Contact Me.

I really enjoy meeting new people! Please feel free to reach out.

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